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employment law aviation Conflict Resolution

Employment law aviation, which has an important place in the legal departments, has a very important place.

 Thanks to OKdispute resolution lawyers, the results of the most used aircraft in the field of transportation, and therefore the legal processes of the consequences of the accidents that occur unfortunately, are very successful. For example, Kartal Law Firm takes quick action in order to produce a solution against cargo confusion or loss, some air accidents that do not end with death, and a number of incidents that cause material damage, and ensures the removal of disputes between the parties regarding the compensation of all damages without wasting time.

 What are the Fields of Activity?

 As it can be understood from the aviation statement, it is a very sensitive subject and a very important occupation and a means and means of transportation that people use in their daily lives as often as road. In this sense, there are many issues that need attention. Of course, its frequent use creates mandatory measures and rules in the field of OKemployment law aviation between the parties. Ground handling services, airport insurance operations, insurance of companies using the airline

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 It provides fast resolution of disputes with Kartal Law Firm by cooperating with dispute resolution lawyers in many departments such as operations and reinsurance configuration, Pilotage training and insurance.

 What You Need to Know About Aviation Law

 As it can be understood in the name of aviation, it is a wide range of transportation sector. There are many topics in this sector that need advice. Looking at the details, to provide support for employment law aviation cargo transportation, capacities of cargo planes, layout plans, and pilotage rules of cargo planes. It aims to support airport passenger entry, baggage control and operational operations in accordance with the legal framework and to follow the deficiencies to the finest detail by OKKartal Law Firm within the company’s main rules. Regarding the high-credibility financing and re-financing created in the bank and credit segment, aircraft owners diligently prepare important contracts to protect the rights of private airport owners or their owners and follow the process.

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 Possible Dispute Process

 Air transport, both cargo and passenger transport, is highly dangerous and a branch of transport where unwanted consequences may unfortunately occur as a result of possible accidents. In this way, if there is an existing negative situation,

 Thanks to dispute resolution lawyers, all necessary precautions will be taken. Among the litigation topics, there are many issues such as air accidents and criminal cases, air labor law cases, aircraft ownership and pledge rights, aircraft accident and insurance cases, air transport contracts for cargo transportation. All of these reasons include issues frequently seen in adverse air sector cases occurring in the aviation industry.

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 What are the Duties of Lawyers Managing the Legal Process?

 In case of dispute, our legal representatives are assigned a distribution of duties to take measures before the dispute is resolved. It should have the ability to represent primarily within its duties. Other duties include collecting unpaid debt from individuals or affiliates, performing aircraft and securities mortgage transactions, reusing them, collecting all the necessary assets in case the legal process is brought to court, and using all means to fulfill justice.

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