VivaVideo Uygulamasını iNDİRİN

VivaVideo is an application for Android that allows you to edit your videos. Users can save videos they have created and share them with their friends.


The application is a modern video editor with many interesting features. You can use any clips you want to create unique content. Afterward, it is possible to download to the internal memory of the mobile device, send someone via messenger or upload it to a popular platform. 

There are multiple tools that are provided for you to apply various effects. You can select the video proportions, cut the edges, change the playback speed, set the mark, and use different filters. After the editing is complete, you can share the final result with your friends via social media platforms.

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The way all it works reminds other popular software like Magisto Video Editor, for example.

Moreover, tips are provided to help you with a creative process. You can learn how to properly add music to the video, select themes, set the duration, apply animation, use transitions and much more.

Please note that a monthly subscription is required to use advanced features. It’s possible to get the list of all VIP features after opening the application.


It is an additional option of the app that is worth mentioning. It allows you to create videos using several images. 

You can upload photos, add themes, soundtracks, text, special effects, and apply filters to them. As the result, you will get a full clip that you can save and share. 

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  • allows you to edit videos;
  • you can use different effects and filters;
  • useful tips are shown during the process ;
  • it is possible to make a slideshow with your photos;
  • free download for Android.